Unpaved Roads Soil Stabilization

Maintaining roads with cellular confinement system in proper conditions, not only paved surfaces but also local, forestry, fire escape routes or access roads can cause problems due to inappropriate characteristics of subsoil which can cause rutting, dents, break outs, washing out and settlements of unpaved surfaces. 

A modern solution for maintenance, reconstruction and construction of roads – especially on impervious low strength soils – is the cellular confinement system (geocells). 

This system brings economical and technical benefits related to the limitation of deep soil replacement, opportunity to use aggregate of lower quality (recycled quality), enabling highly effective drainage system and considerably extended operational life in comparison to the conventional solutions. 

Ground improvement using 3d-cellular confinement systems can be used for the construction of permanent and temporary roads. Improving load bearing capacity of roads of granular and permeable surfaces used by heavy-duty equipment; at the same time – minimizing costs. 

The system reduces the amount of surface water and replenishes groundwater supplies. Traffic or parking surfaces can be covered with vegetation, which is a very beneficial solution for the preserved areas.

cellular confinement system