Geocell Retaining Wall

It is characteristic for the TARMAXX Geocell Cellular Confinement that the system is a very economical and much cheaper than conventional solutions and do not require a deep foundation.

The multi-layered geocells become an ideal solution for MSE Retaining Walls,while fulfilling all structural design requirements.Geocell earth retention system offers desirable aesthetics and environmental benefits from a naturally-vegetated, near vertical fascia with the same structural stability found in conventional retaining wall systems. 

Geocells allow for construction flexibility, meeting site challenges when subgrade soils are compressible or construction is in difficult-to-access locations. 

The multi-layered TARMAXX Geocell Cellular Confinement system is used for a wide range of earth retention design requirements.The conventional stability methods may be used in for system; also computer programmes are available for a broad range of parameters including subgrade, embankment and loads.

Standard wall sections are available with green, tan, or black fascia colors to create a blending with natural environments. Special fascia colors can be manufactured to meet unique aesthetic requirements. To meet up your individual expectations we have prepared polyethylene which is ultraviolet lightstabilized to resist color fading and increase system durability and quality performance to levels meeting typical engineering requirements.

The fascia of the retaining walls may be covered with various finishes including topsoil with various selected vegetation. Simple, effective construction techniques make the system ideal for installations in remote or restricted-access sites.

Geocell Cellular Confinement System provides steep vertical mechanically stabilized earth structures (either gravity, reinforced walls or mse wall structures ) for steep faces, walls and irregular topography. 

Construction of Geocell Cellular Confinement System earth retention is simiplified as each layer is structurally sound thereby providing access for equipment and workers, while eliminating the need for concrete formwork and curing. 

Local soil can be used for infill when suitable and granular, while the outer faces enable a green or tan fascia of the horizontal terraces/rows utilizing topsoil. 

Walls also can be used for lining channels and in cases of high flow, it is required that the outer cells contain concrete or cementious slurry infill. Geocell Cellular Confinement System have been used to reinforce soft or uneven soil foundations for large area footings, for retaining wall strip footings, for load sharing of covers over pipelines and other geotechnical applications.

Geocell Geocomposite Wall

Geocomposite Retaining Walls

Geocomposite Retaining Walls where wall facing sections are integrated with geosynthetic earth reinforcement layers. 

The construction is based on geocomposite materials where wall facing sections are integrated with geosynthetic earth reinforcement layers. 

This solution uses many combines features in order to increase the structural stability. 

The mostcommon elements include geotextiles, geogrids, anchors, etc.

Gravity Wall Structures

TARMAXX Geocell Gravity Wall system is used when space constraints do not allow the use of earth reinforcement materials. 

The system is constructed as a layered gravity wall structure that resists lateral pressures and maintains structural integrity even when significant subgrade deformations occur. 

The cellular confinement system confines and reinforces the granular layer forming a bulk structure. 

The structure distributes the lateral forces of the ground and is a load bearing structure thanks to high frictional interaction between the layers. 

Possible subsoil deflections do not affect the loss of load bearing capacity. Geocells may support various finishes of fascia or may be covered with natural vegetation topsoil.

Rockface Protection Walls

Fascia protection for steepened slopes. TARMAXX Geocells create a layered wall structure without requirements for additional earth reinforcement when simple fascia protection is required over a structurally-stable soil embankment.

Benefits of Tarmaxx Geocell Cellular Confinement Systems for Retaining Wall Applications

The Multi-Layered TARMAXX Geocell Cellular Confinement System features horizontal terraces with exposed outer facia cells, creating a natural environment for selected sustainable vegetation. 

The vegetated system allows rain water to fall on the exposed horizontal soil terrace, maximizing water collection, and minimizing runoff. Evaporation of topsoil moisture is controlled through the impervious vertical wall structure creating an environment for healthy vegetation. By maintaining a near vertical profile the system limits site disruption and reduces valuable land use.

  • Maintains structural stability against known externally imposed loads,
  • Adapts to a wide range of design requirements and site conditions,
  • Will not corrode or degrade as concrete, steel and timber-based systems,
  • Allows use of aggregate to minimize hydrostatic conditions,
  • Easy to transport and construct at difficult or remote locations,
  • Allows use in higher velocity-flow channel applications with large aggregate or concrete infill in outer cells,
  • Offers aesthetics and environmental benefits of a sustainable living wall structure with desired vegetation and plantings.

georgic retaining wall

Geocell Retaining Wall Design

The earth retention system can be designed in a variety of wall configurations to meet specific site and reinforcement requirements. 

Selection of the wall type is influenced by the project site soil conditions, space accessibility or restrictions, availability of suitable backfill materials, project economics and the desired aesthetics of the completed site. 

Classical methods of stability analysis can be applied for a broad range of infill, backfill, ground water and surcharge parameters.

Geocell Cellular Confinement System sections layered along channel side slopes with vegetative infill offer a natural appearance, stability and protection to channels exposed to erosive conditions of water. 

This multi-layered configuration can tolerate differential settlement without loss of system integrity and provides a near-vertical profile, reducing valuable land use.

When applied in areas of anticipated high-energy water impact, the Geocell Cellular Confinement System sections can be wrapped with coir fabric to reduce the potential for soil loss in the outer face while vegetation is being established or infilled with large aggregate or concrete grout. The multi-layered design makes the system very adaptable to specific retaining wall application requirements and wall types.