Geocell Erosion Control

In case of single-layer cover materials of earth slopes and embankments the walls of the cells confine the topsoil creating a series of mini dams controlling downslope movement of the infill through increasing its resistance to storm water runoff while creating a natural environment for vegetation. This can result in resistant and durable protective covers even in case of steep earth slopes and embankments.

The earth retention systems (retaining walls) produced with our technology perform the same functions as the conventional earth retention structures and can cost-effectively replace the conventional solutions while meeting all site challenges and shortening the installation time. 

Geocell Erosion Control

Vegetated Slopes - Steep Slope Stabilization

The geocell system confines and reinforces topsoil and vegetation. The cells increase the resistance to erosive forces, protecting the root zone from loss of soil particles. 

The system works particularly well on steep slopes and in areas of low-to-moderate flows.

Aggregate Geocell Slope Protection

The geocell system improves the erosive resistance of granular materials. 

The hydraulic energy dissipates and single soil particles do not move downwards as they are protected against gravity forces and exposure to concentrated hydraulic flow.                 

Tarmaxx Geocell Cellular Confinement Systems with Large Cells

Geocell cellular confinement sections with large cells wrap and protect the root area of vegetation layer. It is easy to planting shrubs and small trees inside the cells. Large cells are ideal for moderate vegetated slopes with minimal hydraulic flow.

Benefits of Tarmaxx Geocell Slope Revetment

  •  With concrete infilling the systems becomes a flexible concrete mat with integrated expansion structure.
  •  Efectively protects slopes and support the structure filled with granular materials (sand, gravel and other mineral materials).
  •  Fast installation of slope reinforcement and structure durability.
  •  Minimizing the need to use heavy duty equipment.

Application Areas of Slope Stabilization / Protection

  • Vegetated Slopes
  • Steep Slopes
  • Residental Slopes
  • Permeable Aggregate Slopes
  • Hard Armour Concrete Slopes
  • Geomembrane Protection
  • Embankment Slopes
  • Containment Dikes
  • Stormwater Basins
  • Wastewater Areas
  • Spillways
geocell erosion control